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In a life of hectic schedules, you are away from your roots and loved ones. So, who does not enjoy a mind calming and a soothing experience? It might just remind you of your loved one or your roots back in your village. A person missing his mother remembers how his mother would smell, a person remembers his roots by the smell he grew up around and a devotee falls into deep devotion by the smell he associates with god.

At liberty, we try to create that ambiance with our soothing agarbathis and home products. On our online store when you buy online incense, we take care that our customers have a refreshing experience with our wide range of fragrance products so that our customers get their beloved fragrances on their doorstep without any hassle.


Liberty has a collection of all types of incenses from rolled Agarbatties, Wet dhoop, cone dhoop, cup sambrani and home fragrances including air purifiers. We take care that our customers have a unique experience and they are left craving for more. Thus, we are the leading distributors and creators of incense sticks in the market and our customers can easily browse through their choices and buy incense online.

  1. Agarbathies: We have a collection of enthralling Agarbathies that soothe your senses calm your mind and relieve you from all the negativity and bring in peace. At Liberty, we have a collection of all types of fragrances with a different type of packaging according to customer needs. We specially package Agarbathies are exported so that they retain their maximum freshness and our customers have a true experience of Indian fragrance.  Our agarbathies last long making sure that our customer base has a value for money product. So, browse through our section of Agarbathies and choose the one of your choice or personality and have a great experience.
  2. Cup Sambrani: The beautiful smell of the sambrani offered to god in the temples of India which is a tradition that is even mentioned in holy scriptures. You can now experience traditional fragrance at your homes, just not that it’s just a click away from your phone or P.C.  Extra care is taken care of while preparing the Sambrani Dhoop that it ignites properly and it has all the ingredients so that our customers have the rich experience they deserve.
  3. Wet Dhoop: At Liberty we take care that our products are made from original and good quality raw materials, our wet dhoop is rolled with quality herbs and Ghee of the highest quality to suit our customers. It does not only give a good fragrance but is also therapeutic and also removes all the bad odor. When the ghee in the dhoop burns more and more oxygen is released into the surroundings making the atmosphere energetic with good vibrations.
  4. Air purifiers: We have an exclusive collection of air purifiers. Liberty caters to the different needs of our customers and our air purifiers can also be customized according to customer needs.  Our air purifiers are made keeping in mind toxicity. Liberty home fragrance products are eco-friendly and are made sure that they last long a minimum of about a month.


Liberty offers exclusive as well as exquisite fragrances at an affordable price to its customers. Even then we make sure that the quality of our incense is not hampered with. We package our products in such a way that our customers get their fragrance in the freshest and protected manner. We also package our products according to customer needs from box packaging to zipped pouches you name it we have it. We also make festival offers so that you can buy incense sticks online and have an affordable festive season.


At Liberty, we make sure that you have complete convenience while shopping at our store. You can view your favourite incense with different packaging options and with different price options in just one place. We have put in place a user-friendly interface so that you make the best buying decisions. 

We make sure that you have a very flexible payment option from U.P.I., credit cards, debit cards and cash on delivery. We make sure that our customer returns not only satisfied but also returns wanting for more. When our customer buys our online incense, it is an experience that we want to leave you all with.

So why not hurry and buy the best online fragrance available comfortably, hassle-free from wherever you are. Let’s make our experiences with our loved ones, our faith, and festivities richer and full of life.

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