Your perfume, yourself

There’s interesting data linking your perfume choice to your personality. When you’re on a date, for example, you can smell the person’s perfume or cologne and instantly know much more about their personality. “Often on a first date, people put up a false front, acting their best and not wanting to show their weaknesses. But this way, you can get an instantly better understanding of who they truly are. these are the perfume-personality pairings you’re most likely to find.

Citrus lovers lead the pack

Do you always take charge in group situations? Would your friends and family describe you as an alpha man or woman? If so, we bet you gravitate toward citrus-based fragrances like. “These are strong-minded, ambitious, natural leaders. They may be viewed as dominant and aggressive,” But don’t worry, there’s no shame in being a shark at work and in your love life. Just make sure you don’t come across as too sour when you don’t get your way.

Rose wearers are cautious

“These people are introspective and sensitive to the needs of others. They tend to weigh all options before making a choice, Impulse control has never been an issue for you, as you’re naturally cautious and considerate. You take the time to reflect on your decisions instead of simply diving right into the action. While most people may have a number of memories they’d rather forget and wipe from their past, you have very few (if any) heinously embarrassing regrets. Your rosy record is clean in all walks of life because you think before you act.

Lavender fans make great friends

If you love wearing lavender-scented products, we predict that you have a huge, close-knit network of friends. People consider you easy to be around right off the bat, which is why you get along so well with just about everyone. “People who prefer lavender tend to be sexually reserved, but curious individuals. They value friendship and they tend to work well in groups. They’re thought of as contemplative and thoughtful,When it comes to your closest pals, you’re the one person who never fails to surprise them on their birthdays, and you can be counted on to always go out of your way to cheer someone up during a tough time. Here’s what your favorite flower says about your personality.

Vanilla types aren’t vanilla at all

“You’re probably thinking that people who like vanilla are bland, ‘blah,’ and have a vanilla personality, but we found just the opposite! People who like vanilla are lively, energetic, the life of the party—they’re anything but vanilla, “It’s the opposite of what you would have thought, because they’re very fun-loving.” (Here are more hidden strengths of extroverts you might not realize.) If you smell of warm vanilla , you’re the person who knows how to get a party started. You love dancing, drinking, meeting new people, and socializing in buzzing atmospheres. Staying at home on the weekend isn’t your cup of tea, as you’d much rather spend the night on the town.

Sandalwood wearers are high-acheiving

If you gravitate toward sandalwood, we know that you’re a total perfectionist. You’ve been your biggest critic your entire life. But while being so hard on yourself is totally draining, this trait has gotten you to where you are today. Your type-A personality has helped you excel in academia, athletics, and your career. “Sandalwood lovers tend to have high expectations for themselves and others. They’re very self-critical, easily offended by physical remarks, and can misinterpret what others say about them.

Fruity fragrance fans are moody

We imagined that people who wear fruity perfumes would be as sweet as the strawberry scent on their necks—but apparently we were mistaken. “They tend to be more irritable, cranky, and pessimistic. If you love anything that smells of berries, apples, or tropical fruits, it’s time to adjust your attitude. You tend to view the glass half-empty, plus you’re sarcastic and easily annoyed. And while this cynical sense of humor might seem hilarious to you, it’s actually exhausting to those around you. If you don’t make an effort to cheer up and kick the moodiness, you’ll soon find yourself fully isolated.

Sartorialists can’t get enough of coconut

We know a coconut fan when we see one, because coconut lovers are the most stylish and fashion-forward bunch of them all. “They’re immaculate dressers that can be thought of as wearing expensive jewelry. They’re authoritative leaders who take charge in situations. They’re also sensitive to criticism. Coconut wearers enjoy the finer things in life , which means they’ve got a closet full of designer labels and an appetite for precious gems. You command attention in a room, and enjoy making decisions on behalf of others. People around you trust your intuition and taste, so you regularly have admirers watching your every move.

Linen lovers are drawn to challenges

If you smell of linen (also known as fresh laundry or cotton— you’re someone who runs marathons for fun. People are amazed that you’re always training for something extraordinary, but you can’t get enough of these physical and mental tests. You enjoy pushing your endurance to the limits, and you have an “anything is achievable with hard work” attitude. Linen fans are “action-oriented. They enjoy physical and mental challenges. “They tend to be self-confident, intuitive, goal-oriented, and always in control.” You know your mile time down to the second, you’re extremely competitive in debates and games, and you routinely set tough personal goals for yourself.

Gardenia wearers are stable

Has anyone ever described you as their “rock?” Are you never one to flake, but rather, always follow through on set plans? If this sounds familiar, we have a feeling you love the smell of gardenia . “Gardenia lovers are steady and dependable.“They enjoy safe, secure relationships. They’re followers more than leaders. They’re team players and people pleasers.” You’d much rather be in a comfortable, long-term relationship than endure the unpredictability and disappointment of serial-dating. You’re someone that doesn’t just pop into someone’s life fleetingly—you maintain friendships for decades and never lose touch, no matter the physical distance in your relationships.

Jasmine fans are wild

Jasmine aficionados—are similar to vanilla-wearing people, but they take their fun a step further. “They crave novelty, and enjoy new and exciting adventures. They’re provocative and can be thought of as partiers who enjoy a good time. You love staying out until the sun comes up, ending up in unexpected places, and you never met a margarita you didn’t like. You absolutely love dancing, and you couldn’t care less about what people think about you or the way you dress. You’re true to your belief that life is worth living, so you aren’t going to waste a single minute being bored stiff. It’s safe to say spontaneous is your middle name.

Honeysuckle means happy

You know those people who are just a pure delight to have around? Those are the honeysuckle lovers, possibly wearing Honeysuckle fans are happy-go-lucky, laid back, and never going to cause drama. They’re the cheerful person in your friend group who simply wants to be happy and avoid any darkness. They’ll lift you up and leave you feeling positive every time you hang out. Honeysuckle fans are “empathetic, easygoing, and well-adjusted,”

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