Palo Santo is a revered tree native to South America. It is considered a cousin to Frankincense Oil because both share similar constituents (primarily Limonene), slightly similar aromas and because both have similar applications.

Palo Santo Essential Oil is gaining more widespread use within holistic aromatherapy. However, there is great concern regarding the sustainability of Palo Santo Essential Oil as Palo Santo trees are endangered. When purchasing the oil, it is very important that you ensure that you are purchasing it only from reputable suppliers that are mindful and actively support the sustainability of this revered tree.
Loosely translated, Palo Santo means Holy Wood. Palo Santo has been used for hundreds of years by native shamans for spiritual applications. For those that integrate essential oils within meditation, prayer or other spiritual applications, Palo Santo is an oil to pay close attention to.

personally find alo Santo Essential Oil to be particularly grounding and calming, and see it as an important oil for use within Chakra applications. repeatedly reading that use of the oil or burning of the wood can help clear a space of negativity.
The aroma of alo Santo Essential Oil is uniquely sweet and woody. Palo Santo loosely reminds me of an intoxicating combination of frankincense, atlas cedar, sweetgrass, lemon and a subtle hint of mint.
Emotionally, Palo Santo Essential Oil is grounding and elicits a sense of peacefulness and calm. can see the possibility for Palo Santo Oil to be helpful for anxiety, emotional trauma and depression.

Botanical Name

Bursera graveolens

Common Method of Extraction

Steam Distilled

Plant Part Typically Used



Clear – Pale Yellow



Perfumery Note


Strength of Initial Aroma


Aromatic Description

Sweet, woody, citrusy and slightly minty.

Palo Santo Essential Oil Uses

Highly regarded for spiritual applications, uses within vibrational work and clearing negativity. Insect repellent. Possible use for coughs, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments.
Joint pain, inflammation, general aches and pains, arthritis, headaches, allergies, migrain, stress, anxiety, panic, dizziness, nervousness, concentration, immune system support, negativity, respiratory infections, circulatory stimulant.

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