Vira Fragrance Sachets

Product Features

  1. Individual packing for convenient storage.
  2. Purify and freshens air and freshens you mind.
  3. We could customize for you if you want to other pictures on the sachet.
  4. It can be conveniently used in drawers, smaller chests & bed boxes, suitcases and kitchen cabinets
  5. Eco-friendly and long -eliminate strong aroma.
  6. Lasts up to 30 days depending on humidity conditions
  7. Ideal for fragranceing small spaces

Fragrance sachets are made of natural vermiculite and is in powder shape.

Available fragrances:

  1. Sweet Woody
  2. Floral Fresh
  3. Ambery citrus
  4. Musky fresh
  5. woody
  6. jasmine
  7. lavender
  8. lemon or customized

Packaging: Non-woven fabric ,outside composite film sealed packaging