What's in a scent?

Did you know most people can distinguish more than 10,000 different scent materials? And remember a scent with 65% accuracy after a whole year? That’s why fragrance can evoke powerful feelings.

How are fragrances made?

Perfumers combine fragrance ingredients to create a scent. For us, they select from our approved palette of materials, which can include ingredients that are:

  • Naturally occurring, meaning extracted from plants and flowers
  • Nature-identical, meaning synthetic ingredients that chemically mirror naturally occurring scents but are made in a laboratory
  • Custom-made, meaning those made in a laboratory using different combinations of molecules for unique or complex new scents

How does scent work?

You have scent receptors in your nose that cause a unique electrical signal that your brain interprets as a scent.

Because of where scent receptors are located in your brain, when you smell a scent, your brain connects that scent with the memory or emotion of that moment. So while we don’t all like the same scents, scents are meaningful to all of us.

That’s why the fragrances you choose for your home give it a mood and personality.

What Makes a Fragrance Smell Good?

A great fragrance requires many different materials because it has “layers” of scent that give it depth and character.

  • Top notes are the first thing you smell. They’re usually fresh and light, and evaporate quickly.
  • Mid notes are the scents that really define the overall body of a fragrance. They emerge as the top note is dissipating.
  • Base notes are heavier and longer lasting. They bring depth and leave an impression – you might not really perceive a scent’s base notes until you’ve been around it for 30 minutes!

Why Buy Liberty Fragrances FLO Air Freshener?

After 70+ years in business and over millions appreciations, praises and  sold world over sold it’s clear the peoples choice. With it you can:

  1. Eliminate the embarrassing odor  (or anything else)
  2. Wrap yourself in a signature aroma every guest will remember
  3. Set the perfect mood for romance
  4. Create a relaxing environment for yourself to unwind in on demand


Hold the Air Effects can upright and press and hold the trigger. Spray in a sweeping motion for noticeable freshness.

TIP: Don’t shake! Air Effects is ready to release the freshness as soon as you pull the trigger.


USE in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, that storage shed out back… anywhere odors are lingering in the air or you simply need an instant burst of freshness.

TIP: DON’T USE on fabrics! near an open flame, or (as with all air care products) near birds.


Try adding as the final touch to your cleaning routine, and be sure to keep Air Effects on hand for those emergency odiferous situations.

  1. Fresh Rosa : Evoke the tranquillity of a botanical Rose garden floral fragrances and scents. Refresh your home with alluring floral scents
  2. Cashmere Woods : Eliminate odor and freshen the air with the rustic scent of a romantic fall day, making your home uniquely inviting for all.
  3. Ocean mist : Channel your inner surfer and head into the tide alongside refreshing marine notes. Catch a glimpse of an endless blue sky before waves of aromatic florals crash into you, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and limitless.
  4. Veri Berry : Experience instant rejuvenation every time you spray this infused berrys explosion, with invigorating undertones of sweet apple blossom, zesty ripe raspberries, and just a hint of spring-fresh violets.
  5. French Vanilla : Treat yourself to the rich, smooth scent of vanilla with our Vanilla Indulgence Room Spray air freshener . Create an instant, long-lasting fragrance for guests, or use this vanilla air freshener on a daily basis to eliminate odors and refresh your home.
  6. Smooth Sandal : Refresh and invigorate any space with Room Spray air fresheners . Capture a rich blend of sweetness and a delicate wood scent that captivates your senses.
  7. Frosty Peppermint : You’ll love how you experience instant rejuvenation every time you spray this air fresheners vibrant crisp blend of cool peppermint, fresh eucalyptus and icy spearmint, with a relaxing finish of soft Madagascar vanilla. Now you can uplift your mind, and raise your spirits
  8. Pumpkin Patch : Fill your home with the sweet aroma of pumpkins , Warm and inviting. Delicious pumpkin and the perfect mix of spices A must-have accent for your décor.
  9. Cool Water : Experience Cool Water for yourself. You will thank us later. Grab a few bottles for your car and bedroom today.
  10. Fresh Linen : A wise woman once said, “There’s no place like home.” When the scent of line-dried laundry—sun-baked and steeped in comfort—takes you back, it’s hard not to agree. the reason loved by almost every one. Decorative design to fit in any décor
  11. Lava Lavender : Discover how lovely lavender soothes the senses and puts you in a carefree state of mind. so you always have something fresh to come home to.
  12. Hawaiian Rush : With the tropical fragrance An instant vacation. When cool ocean winds meet the scent of fragrant tropical fruits, pineapple, and plumeria, you won’t even have to leave the neighborhood to get lost in perfect paradise..
  13. Midsummer nights: Bring your favorite scent along for all those endless errands, taxiing kids around and your daily commute. Great in small spaces that could use a lift with a little fragrance—think office cubicles, closets and your teenager’s locker.
  14. Sun & Sand : A tropical beach breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk. Fill any room with your favorite fragrance.
  15. Moonlight Breeze : Meet your new favorite scent: the fantastically sweet and lush scent . Like a breath of fresh air on a moonlit stroll, this scent eliminates odors all while serenading your nose.